Best Love Bio for Facebook

Love bio for facebook

Best Love Bio for Facebook

Love is a wonderful thing. Love makes the world so sweet. It makes the world a beautiful place to live. Love is one of the greatest gifts the world could get, and there is never an excess of it, that is, love can never become too much.

Love is a virtue that every individual should possess, no matter how young or old they might be. With love, it is easier and more fun to survive in this world. Most of the evil that we witness in our world today can be traced back to the absence of love. Thus the power of love cannot be overemphasized. We could go on and on talking about the importance of love, but that is not our major point of focus for now.

How can you show the world that you are a lovable person and also ready to show love? You can do this by adding some love bios on your Facebook profile. Your Facebook profile shows a lot about who you are. It goes straight to say that what you portray in your Facebook bio is the specific way you want to be viewed; that is, how you want other people to perceive you as.

As we all know, your Facebook profile is not just about you alone; rather it is an access and an outlet to the outside world. It is not limited to your circle of friends alone, and as such, it is mostly possible that a total stranger views your profile. What you have in your bio is what the stranger or new friend will see and will base his perception of who you are. (your bio contains little information about who you are, what you like, what you want other people to view you as, your view about particular life issues, quotes you believe in and facts you subscribe to; you could also include your hobbies and whatever information you feel you want others to know about)

In this case, it is quite advisable for you to leave a good impression of who you are on your Facebook bio. Making a good first impression in this sense has to do with showing your views about love. You should air your opinion about what love is to you. Your Facebook bio should be based majorly on love quotes either the ones you made up yourself or the ones previously composed by someone else that you subscribe to.

Want to show the world a little bit of your love side? Then this is the perfect way to achieve that.

Your Facebook love bio should contain captivating quotes about love; this will show that you are capable of loving and being loved at the same time. These days it’s kind of hard to find a person to love truly, but with you putting up a quote about love in your Facebook bio, it will attract those with like interest as you. You could hook up and who knows what good might come from it after all.

Again, your love Facebook bio should not be too lengthy; don’t make it too long in such a way that will make whoever is reading it become bored. However, there is no limit as to how long or short your Facebook bio can be. So, it can contain little of the experience you’ve had with love, but that’s not saying you should put everything about your love life there. Of course, not everybody wants to know what you went through in your previous love life. You shouldn’t include more of your private life in this aspect because we don’t know who is out there that will probably take advantage of what you reveal. In that case, it is better you stick mainly to quotes that are not too personal.

You should also make your love Facebook bio one to attract or capture the attention of the viewer of your profile. It could probably contain one or two common catch phrases about love; there is no harm in that, but then, you should indicate the source or author.

Again, you can include one or more funny love quotes in your love Facebook bio. Love is fun and never boring. So, you should let that reflect when you are writing your Facebook bio. Here is a compilation of a few of the so many quotes you can include in your Facebook bio, feel free to add yours.

The following are quotes you could use for your love bio for Facebook.

1. Love is not just a feeling; Love is life; if you say it’s a feeling that means It’s just going to last for a short while, but if you say it’s life, that means it’s going to last for a lifetime.

2. What other feeling can compare to the joy you get from falling in love? Falling in love is a wonder in itself.

3. If love is a crime then I don’t mind being caught for it because life is nothing if there’s no love in it.

4. Love don’t cost a thing, but it has a price on it, your commitment, your loyalty, and your trust.

5. I love ‘LOVE’ because I have been loved and I love the feeling that comes with being loved.

6. One of the greatest therapy to living a lonely life is falling in love and staying love.

7. Love is not about who can stay with you when you have it all together; it is more about who can stick with you when you have it all falling apart.

8. Love is like a soothing relief, to your soul, on the sore created by betrayal.

9. With love, it is easier to conquer all your fears.

10. Love is not about being blind to each other’s flaws and weaknesses; it is rather choosing to look over those flaws and weaknesses but work on it to produce perfection.

11. If you can’t cope with my weaknesses, you have no right to love my perfection.

12. It takes love to pass through the hardest moments of life.

13. With love, there is no mountain too high to climb to get to you.

14. The power found in love is more than the world could ever conquer.

15. Love never comes alone; it comes with happiness, peace, hope, and fun.

16. If loving were so easy, then we would have more lovers than haters.

17. The language of love can only be spoken to those who are willing to understand it, and can only be spoken by those who have experienced it.

18. One of the best feelings in life is knowing someone is madly in love with you and would go miles to put a smile on your face.

19. Love gives you the power to conquer what you could never overcome on your own.

20. Being in love makes you believe you are on an invisible wing all the time because you will always feel so fly.

21. What does it matter if the world is against me? What matters is knowing I have someone who always got my back with me.

22. Love is about friendship that has no end, happiness that has no source, and hope that has no base.

23. When love happens, every other virtue falls in place.

24. When love comes to you, it appears like you are starting your life on a whole new note.

25. It takes love to receive love; you can’t accept love if you don’t have love.

26. Falling in love is way easier than falling out of love.

27. The tree of love springs forth beautiful fruits that keep the owner forever happy.

28. Love is a divine gift to man, to help him overcome and fight each battle he faces.

29. If loving were easy, the world would not have to worry about haters.

30. Love bears all things, Love hopes all things, Love endures all things, and Love never ends.

31. The world would become a better place if the power of love could replace the love of power.

32. He who finds love has found a rare gem better than the world’s most priceless diamond.

33. Love makes even the worst writer become a great poet.

Quite captivating, right? Of course, as said earlier, love can make anyone become a poet. Therefore, there is no end to what you can write in your love Facebook bio.

So, from the above list of Facebook love bio, you can get many ideas on how to write your love Facebook bio, and I assure you that whatever you write is not going to go to waste because it will bring about you having people who are ready to show you some love.

Why not go on and choose one of the quotes from the compilation made above to make your Facebook bio one that radiates love, and make the reader of the bio or viewer of your profile feel super loved up!



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