178 Beautiful Quotes About Myself for Facebook (2024)

Quotes About Myself for Facebook: Social media is a perfect avenue for meeting and hooking up with friends and different individuals. The impression of what you are and how it is portrayed in your ‘About me’ or About myself‘ quotes can be quite compelling or better still make people very attracted to your profile.

The beautiful quotes on this post should expressly give some insights about myself quotes on Facebook to describe yourself.

Examples of Beautiful Quotes About Myself for Facebook

You may have opinions that are either on par with who I truly am or not. Don’t conclude so fast that your opinions about me are correct until you hear from the horse’s mouth.

If you’re really that eager to know, you should quickly read the following beautiful quotes and examples you can use on Facebook.

Simple Quotes About Myself for Facebook

Check out the best and most useful collection of quotes about myself for Facebook you should try out:

1. I am not soft-spoken all the time or ultra nice but I love to do well by others.

2. I may be far from perfect. But, I’m very close to a limited edition

3. People often accuse me of changing incessantly maybe because they do not know how well I love to find myself.

4. You have an opinion about how I live my life? Wait for me to take a cup of coffee from you before you spill. Until then, drink alone.

5. I’ve made a path that who I am and what I want to be is my decision to make, I do not need people’s validation for anything

6. No one is ready to do for me what I can’t do for myself. If I don’t love myself, who will?

7. If I ever cross your mind, be reminded that I’m a believer in courage to overcome adversity.

8. The only way I get through everyday with little or no worries is I learn to mind my own business.

9. The hardest thing I’ve ever done is to lift my happiness above people’s opinion, it’s also the best I’ve done for myself.

10. I take so much pride in flaunting who I am and what I believe in.

Gradient background with the text: "Perfection isn't a word suitable for me. Try different or even original, but not perfect."

11. I want to be everything I have ever desired, but sometimes I wonder if all I’ve ever desired to become is all I need to become.

12. I have a few years of experience. But, enough experience to know worry deepens one’s sorrows.

13. What you think of me isn’t my headache. It’s yours!

14. My life motto is “It gets better”. I am a firm believer in the fact that all situations whether good or bad have tendencies of becoming better.

15. I’m an ardent learner. I learn every day about the people around me and my environment and more importantly, I learn about myself.

16. Whatever I wear is something that puts me in a place of comfort. I couldn’t care less about trends or opinions.

17. Perfection isn’t a word suitable for me. Try different or even original, but not perfect.

18. Every art I engage in or embrace is unmistakably traceable to my stand and feelings.

19. More than anything, I love the aura that comes with listening to and making music.

20. I don’t feel different from others. Trust me, people’s conclusion that I’m unique is born out of my love for being true to myself and beliefs.

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Unique Quotes About Myself for Facebook

Here are some unique Facebook quotes about myself examples:

21. The most exciting thing about my life right now is that I’m doing only the things I love.

22. If my comfort is directly dependent on other people’s discomfort,I would rather stay uncomfortable.

23. Negative energy has always been a sign of debasement and discouragement to me. This is why I stay as far away as possible.

24. I am a dreamer. I don’t only stop at dreaming, I also create my dreams.

25. All the things that look simple and expected are the things I’m most grateful for.

26. I’m in a competition daily with who I was yesterday and it’s already a fierce and demanding competition. I have no plan of adding more intensity by being in an unhealthy competition with a bunch of other people.

27. The way I project myself has nothing to do with people’s opinions about me.

28. every day is a little reminder that I’m closer to my dreams. This is why I put all of my passion and love into each day.

29. Of all the things I am, being opinionated and having a firm belief in something are the things I’m most proud of. It’s brought me so far into the light.

30. The only way you see me embracing my individuality so well is because even while I was lost, this present me was who I looked up to.

Gradient background with the text: "I believe money is good and easy to spend but not anywhere near the definition of good health."

31. All the things you see me do and hear me talk about are as important as me.

32. Age does a number of good things on people. For me, getting old has taught me how to overcome fear with fervent faith and courage.

33. I believe where I come from is equally important as where I’m going.

34. I don’t envy anyone or want to be like anybody and it’s not like I don’t have huge admiration for a lot of people, I’m just so in love with being me.

35. I believe money is good and easy to spend but not anywhere near the definition of good health.

36. What has brought me to this beautiful point in my life is being myself.

37. I have faith that I will overcome all challenges and outlast every mistake.

38. Since I found what I love to do, I’ve only been passionate about it.

39. I hate worrying, this is why I try hard to make provision for my rail expenses ahead of time.

40. I will always be myself, people can either hate me or love me for who I am.

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Attitude Quotes About Myself for Facebook

Check the collection of attitude quotes about myself for Facebook below:

41. I live in constant awareness that listening is a better way to learn than to talk.

42. I’m always grateful for the people I’m surrounded with for they have taught me how to begin the practice of love and acceptance with myself.

43. Every now and then when I get to engage in the things I truly love, the ‘you are only born once’ phrase doesn’t seem to suffice. I always feel reborn!

44. I think of myself as a shining star. The kind that’s big enough to captivate a young couple at night and bright enough to make them stare for hours until they kiss.

45. The only way I know how to embrace humility is to think of others as God’s creation like me.

46. Although there’s less cleaning up to do after laughter, tears cleanse me deeply of all hurts and pains.

47. I have learned that expecting so much may get you so much hurt, so I’ve been trying to live a life that expects less and drops the standard a tad. It’s been a win win situation ever since.

48. I run hard away from anything or anyone that threatens to replace my positivity with negativity.

Green background with the text: I don't care if I incur people's judgement or ridicule, I always do what's right by me and best for me."

49. I only think of myself as a woman in the world who make things happen, nobody is legendary!

50. I’m a shy and upfront person. I might not look you in the eye at the first meeting and be hugging you the next.

51. I’m a sucker for good-looking people. I always up my self-control game whenever I come across a good-looking person.

52. I have learned that our disposition has more to do with our happiness than the circumstances. This is why I’m made a promise to myself to be happy always.

53. I passionately love nature, I always try to make sunrise and sunset.

54. Although, it’s not something I’m proud of. I still worry sometimes too much about my mistakes and shortcomings.

55. I think of myself as a coach or counselor whenever I think of all the people I’ve talked and walked through hurt and pain.

56. I don’t care if I incur people’s judgement or ridicule, I always do what’s right by me and best for me.

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Short About Me Quotes for Facebook

Here are some perfect write-ups that you might want to check out and attach to the ‘about me’ quotes for your Facebook profile:

57. If there’s a word I rarely use, it’s NO

58. Everyone to me is family, until they prove otherwise

59. My shoulders may seem tiny, but trust me they carry my burdens easily

60. Hours and minutes may seem, short or long, but in all, I enjoy myself fully

61. I’m not one of the regulars. It’s damn too boring.

62. One good thing is: I never say never, and that’s where the fun is

63. My mind is always open to enjoy life and do nothing short of that

64. I don’t play but I honestly don’t fight too

65. Nothing would make sense if I am not your friend. You’re flattered? Well, you’re welcome

66. I deserve a little out of your time don’t you think?

67. Enjoy my timeline and be merry

68. I am the star around here, feel free to stare all you want

69. Everyone is intelligent but I am extra

70. Here lies more fun than there is in Disneyland, you’ll see

71. Complicated and mysterious but then I can be simple

72. My eyes can really see

73. You don’t know me? Well, I don’t know me too

Green background with the text: "I’m not one of the regulars. It's damn too boring."

74. Live the adventure always

75. Love or lose, don’t be bothered

76. Live your life and that’s just enough

77. I am the only version of me, you’re welcome

78. You will not always be happy and that’s for sure but the certain thing is that you will always be you

79. What you think is what you are

80. I salute only myself

81. Let me interpret your mind

82. Nothing in particular pleases nor pisses me

83. I must go back to where I come from, empty

84. My hotness scares even the sun

85. I am what you’re not

86. Full or empty, make your choice

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Cute Quotes About Myself for Facebook

Looking for cute quotes about myself? Here are some interesting examples:

87. Revelations will make you open your eyes, I will make you close them

88. Dreams will make you close your eyes, I will make you open them

89. I am what you wish you are

90. Let me tell you that I am not you, you’re welcome

91. Life should humble you

92. Just watch me, no side talks

93. The more you see the less you know of me

94. Let my light enthrall you

95. Like your faith- I am there but then, unseen

Pastel background with the text: "Nothing gives me pleasure than the idea that I am me."

96. I want to live forever

97. Do not underestimate me

98. I will blow your mind

99. You don’t know me so stop guessing

100. I love me just the way I am

101. I am my own cheerleader

102. With my doggedness, I make things work

103. I feed on my ego

104. The power of being me

105. Nothing gives me pleasure than the idea that I am me.

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About Myself Quotes for Girls

Want quotes about yourself that are exclusively for girls? Check this list of quotes about myself for Facebook for girls.

106. I am like a twinkling star

107. I don’t know what I don’t know

108. What you see is what I am

109. Things are not the way you see them

110. I look life in the eyes and shake my trials off

111. Nothing beats being yourself

112. Enjoy the rhythm of your heart and let it flow

113. I am my own pillar

114. Judge me and let your heart race

115. I don’t race anyone, I work at my pace

Blue background with the text: "I follow the only rule of staying happy no matter what."

116. You see me and your eyes are raised

117. Cold as the biting frost

118. I have never considered myself as an alternative

119. I run things here, No entry

120. Let your past remain buried and your fears, vanished

121. Condiment of great things that’s what I am

122. I value my values, deal with it

123. My heart my life

124. Work till there’s no need for it anymore

125. Introductions are just protocols

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About Myself Quotes for Boys

The following are quotes about myself for Facebook for boys. Feel free to use or customize any of these on your profiles.

126. I follow the only rule of staying happy no matter what

127. All protocols duly observed

128. In your present and future, I want to stay relevant

129. My ideas run like a stream

130. I take each day at a time and I enjoy what it has in store

131. An exemplary life is my target

132. I am my own strength

133. Don’t think you know me, even I am surprised at myself

134. I want to be a lamp, throwing light onto others’ path

135. Instead of getting mad, you can come get me

Violet background with the text: "Just enjoy your time in this space, don’t waste your time thinking of what is not."

136. I can do it

137. Keep me on your diet

138. Where you are, I have been

139. You don’t know what you’re missing without me

140. You can’t stop me, even I can’t stop me

141. Laughter and fun is an important part of me’

142. I am not perfect, that’s the only perfect thing

143. Talking makes me happy, you’re welcome

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About Myself Quotes for Facebook

We’ve compiled the best and most unique about myself quotes for Facebook:

144. I don’t know what I am so don’t come asking me. All I know is I am the opposite of you

145. Allow me to confuse you a bit if you don’t mind

146. Listen before speaking – that of course is the golden rule and YES it applies here, you’re welcome

147. Every new day will bring you new sides of me, but then I ain’t weird

148. I am everything you’re not. That’s a cool goal

149. You might seem confused and lost sometimes, but then I also am, so no worries at all

150. Just get ready to have your mind blown away

151. A dosage of normal and a little bit of abnormal is served here. Enjoy

152. I don’t have to tell you much, just observe. You’re welcome

153. I don’t tell stories, I am one you might want to reconsider if fun and laughter is what you want before coming on board

154. Forget about the time, it disappears in the blink of an eye here

155. Let go of the 1000 reasons to brood and hold to the 1 reason you have to laugh and be carefree

156. My list of do’s is endless but my don’ts is just one: never take this space too seriously

157. Let your silence exceed your violence, that is the key to enjoying fully what life is

158. Remember that your best is not enough, you just have to succeed

159. The first step to knowing yourself is to conquer your fear

160. Abandon those doubts and climb the stairs to your success fearlessly

Sage green background with the text: "The best starter for a day is to wake in the morning and whisper to yourself “today will be a great day!”

161. Be positive always. Find and celebrate yourself don’t forget ALWAYS

162. Pretending and saying you’re moral does not make you one

163. Your voice does not have to be the loudest to make the needed difference. The quitter the sound, the clearer we can hear what is being said

164. Our experiences make us who we are

165. The best starter for a day is to wake in the morning and whisper to yourself “today will be a great day!”

166. By overcoming difficulties we gain strength and maturity

167. Always remember that the world owes you absolutely nothing

168. In everything never be broken

169. Honesty is not the best policy, the conviction of what is right is

170. The greatest of freedoms is when you can control your mind

171. Learn the value of saying NO. it is as important as life itself

172. Do whatever you want to, don’t worry about what other people are saying

173. Don’t try to impress me. Even I do not impress myself all the time

174. I am what you think I am

175. Just enjoy your time in this space, don’t waste your time thinking of what is not.

176. Stay focused on your purpose always

177. I am alive, living and full of life

178. I don’t stress too much take each day as it comes

Frequently Asked Questions: Quotes About Myself for Facebook

What should I write about myself on FB?

Write about your interests, hobbies, and passions. Share a bit about your personality, values, and what makes you unique. Include your favorite activities or things you enjoy doing.

What are good quotes for Facebook?

Good quotes for Facebook can be motivational, reflective, or humorous.

For example:

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” – Oscar Wilde
“Life is short, smile while you still have teeth.”
“Do more things that make you forget to check your phone.”

What is a good example of about me?

A good example of an ‘About Me’ section could be: “Adventurous soul with a passion for exploring new places and trying exotic cuisines. A bookworm by day and a stargazer by night. A firm believer in kindness, laughter, and the power of a good cup of coffee.”

Final Thoughts: Quotes About Myself for Facebook

Put these quotes about myself for Facebook on your timeline to make your friends and followers know you better. Feel free to let us know which quotes you prefer, and what can you say about them in the comments below.

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