Stylish and Cute Girly Status for Whatsapp in English

Cute Girly Status for Whatsapp

Being a girl is a wonderful thing compared to how the other gender is painting it. The other gender sees girls as the weaker vessel, but that is absolutely wrong. Girls are actually stronger than what guys think. How else do you explain bleeding nonstop for at least 3 days and still staying alive. How else do you explain surviving the pain or cramps that come with it? This simply goes to show that girls are actually strong.

However, being a girl is not all about that. There is a bright side to everything, and being a girl is no exception. Girls are one of the loveliest creatures created by God. Though they are wired in such a way that nobody can fully understand them or explain why they behave the way they do. A girl can be all smiles this minute and all grumpy the next minute. It is simply how they are wired.

Ladies tend to express their emotions more than their male counterpart. You will hardly find a guy crying but crying comes easy to girls. That, in no wise, proves that girls are the weaker vessels. When girls are at their best, they are so cute and adorable, that you just can’t get your eyes likewise your heart off them. Girls are just so lovable you can’t just do anything but overlook their shortcomings. Although, nobody is perfect.

Female gender are also charming, and they have their unique way of charming those around them either with their looks, smile, the way they talk or walk, or even the totality of who they are.

Being a girl, you would, of course, like to show how proud you are about being a female gender. And what better way is there than to upload some sort of girly status on WhatsApp. It’s amusing when you upload these statuses because there is this kind of feeling that comes with it. It’s more like a feeling of confidence coupled with a sense of fulfillment. Yes, it feels so good to express your thoughts and feelings and let the world have a view of it.

What are those things you should include in your girly status to make it more captivating and classy? Are cuss-words allowed? How long or short can I make my girly attitude status? These and many other questions that might have been bugging your mind are what we seek to answer here.

First and foremost, when writing or typing a girlish status, you should know that whatever you’re typing should reflect every inch of ‘girlishness‘. When we say girlishness, we’re talking about everything that makes up a girl. Her looks, her curves, her smile, her heart, her attitude, her cuteness, her tenderness, her independence and that little hint of craziness we don’t get to see every day. So whatever you write should revolve around all this in order to make your status as girlishly as you want.

When writing a girly quotes on your Whatsapp status, Facebook timelines, or Instagram bio. You should be creative about it. Creativity helps you keep boredom far from your status. Of course, the whole essence of updating a girly status and quotes is for others to view it, and go through it, to realize your girly attitude. But then, what is the essence of uploading a status when it won’t attract people to see it, not to talk of going through it.

Wondering if that is really possible. It’s quite possible if you don’t have that creativity needed to attract people to your status. Personally, I wouldn’t go through an annoying person’s status because I know boredom is all I’ll see. You can add creativity to your status by including catchy phrases, common slangs, and classy quotes.

However, in a bid to be creative, you shouldn’t exhaust your whole word bank on the status. I mean, your status should not be too long so as for it to retain its attractiveness. It is quite advisable, you cut to the chase, don’t go beating around the bush. It won’t be okay if you end up writing an epistle, because it will be quite challenging to sustain the creativity you started with from the start to the end. And your inability to do so will end up making such a status a boring one. Thus, I’ll suggest you keep it short and attractive.

To the issue of using cuss words, it all depends on your kind of personality. If you’re known to be a frequent user of cuss words, there’s no harm in using it in your status. Since the readers are limited to those you know and have on your contact list. But if you’re alien to using cuss words, I would advise you to stay far from it. Usually, cuss-words is not proof of being girly or not, that means you don’t have to feel compelled to use it. While some girls feel their speech is incomplete without it, (like if they don’t use cuss-words, they are yet to drive home their point) because it help them to put emphasis on the picture they’re trying to paint. It is most advisable you don’t use cuss words in your status.

All in all, feel free to include everything that makes you unique, classy and exceptional as a girl. There is nothing holding you back from expressing yourself in the most unequivocal terms. However, it will do you a lot of good if your status is devoid of cuss words, not too long and boring. And most of all, able to express clearly the true definition of being a girl.

Girly Status for Whatsapp in English

To make the feats mentioned above easier, here is a list of girly status for WhatsApp ideas you can post on your status:

1. So what if I’m a girl, I rock the world in my own way.

2. I’m kind of sophisticated, the more you study me, the more confused you become.

3. Girls are interesting, one moment, you think you know them all, the next, you’re wondering if you know them at all.

4. My simple philosophy about life: You get what you give, and I give what I get, Give me attitude, you get attitude back.

5. I’m the boss of myself, if you’re not contributing to my happiness, my bank account, or my peace in any way, then you really don’t count.

6. And who exactly said ‘you can’t have it all’ well, I’ve got the curves, beauty as well as the brain. I’m proud of myself.

7. Most times, I forget to wear my makeup when going out because I’ve got the best and most natural makeup of all plastered on my face already. my smile.

8. Being beautiful is not all about a beautiful face; it’s more of having a beautiful heart; that’s what we call being beautiful both in and out.

9. Funny how a girl will make you angry and get angry that you got angry because she was angry, now you’ve got to apologize to her because being angry made her angrier, quite confusing, huh?

10. I live my life to please myself, if you’re not pleased, it’s up to you cos I never said I wanted to please you.

11. Yes, I’m a girl who loves glamour and glitz. I am cute and funny, I can be quite annoying. Yes, I love who I am.

12. Who rock the world? Girls!

13. When a girl is really in love with a guy, there is only one guy in the world to her, every other guy fades out.

14. I like it when people show me attitude, it only gives me more reasons to distance myself from them totally.

15. Being a girl is not all about pomp and pageantry; you should also be able to handle what life throws at you.

16. The fastest means of communicating love to a girl is backing up your words with actions.

17. Don’t judge me by what you hear about me, whatever you heard was said by frenemies, who couldn’t handle my happiness.

18. Sometimes, little things count a lot, and other times, I don’t count a lot of little things.

19. Don’t ever think you can study me, trust me, you’ll never graduate.

20. I don’t make excuses for people. How you act to me is the way you really are.

21. Girls are quite soft on the outside, but you don’t want to go deep down because the toughness you’ll find there is out of this world.

22. I’m proudly a girl, I don’t care what you think about me.

23. If you’ve got it, you just gotta flaunt it!

24. You only live once, I’m living my life, and I love it

25. You say ‘Girls are too materialistic,’ well, they’re not but then, who doesn’t like good things?

I trust you’ve gotten an idea on how to go about your girly WhatsApp status. These and many more are things you can come up with to put in your girly attitude WhatsApp status. Whatever you come up with is just fine. However, the aim is to keep it absolutely girly, creative, and classy.

Have a good time showing what you’ve got. Who rocks the world? Girls! Lol.

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