50 Awesome Status for Facebook in English [2022]

Awesome Status for Facebook in English

As long as you use social media, there are times that you have to put up some things on your statuses. Without doubt, Facebook is one of the largest network of social media in the world today.

It’s bridges gaps and connects people, and of course almost everyone on it wants to make beautiful facebook posts that garners much reactions.

Here are 50 awesome statuses for your Facebook page in 2022, some are funny, some are motivating.

1. You know you’re not like others when you see red and all they see is black.

2. Don’t interrupt me, you don’t even know what I’m doing.

3. My mind and body are different entities; those guys work separately.

4. As long as I show up, no matter the time difference I am never late.

5. Some days are not different from the rest, it’s just the way you choose to see them.

6. Parents can be very funny; they teach you to talk and walk and later instructs you to keep quiet and sit.

7. Don’t dare to think I’m doing nothing, I’m just idling my problems away.

8. When alternatives have been exhausted that’s when people starts claiming wisdom.

9. When attempt at succeeding fails, destroy every evidence and proofs.

10. Life can be funny but then it can be strict too.

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11. Sometimes even life we behave like a mad man, teaching you what you don’t want to learn and forcing you to learn it.

12. I just want to sit the whole day away while cooking up troubles.

13. Just like the Pandora’s – think outside the box!

14. I have many things to say, but I’m too tired to even write them.

15. I have a big task ahead today; it is sitting down and watching as things go on around.

16. Let’s get serious now and leave insanity for later.

17. I have decided to make every day memorable, I’ll be here to abuse or praise you.

18. Today, I decide to go out and have fun then I remembered that I am fun myself.

19. To me there’s no difference in morning, afternoon or evening, as long as I’m happy and I have everyone here, I’m cool.

20. Good morning! I know proud people will not reply me

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21. Most times, what we are is not what we really are and then we wish we are what we dont even know.

22. I hate when I want to think of something to do and then I realize that something is what i’m really doing.

23. Sometimes, I want to show that I have much sense and I come up with something but then, I don’t see anything in making too much effort.

24. Just as a train has its station, my station is my phone and of course my bed.

25. Not everyone can love you completely. Life is not about ups and sweetness.

26. Books contain knowledge, knowledge contains power, power corrupts, and don’t forget that I am power.

27. You want to wander? Send your mind to me, I’m a good keeper.

28. Hunger makes me do rash things, like staring at you and making you wonder what you’ve done wrong.

29. Secret talents are actually not secret, it’s just stupid talents.

30. My days are spent mainly falling and standing and falling and standing and so on.

31. I am the only one my team, every other person is an opponent.

32. God has a way of answering prayers, you might not know but truth is we all are answers to someone’s prayer.

33. I’m a good runner, i run my world, my life, my mind, and all

34. I carry much of a genius Gene, I’m being me right now so that I don’t scare you too much.

35. You’ll be thinking you’re in love until you see your favourite food.

36. Things might not be the way you want them to be right now, your happiness might be on a balance and your fulfillment like a blurry dream, but then giving up is not an option, it’s not allowed. In fact it’s a sin.

37. Sometimes we put values on things that are not even worth the while. We show love when it’s not even needed, we give ourselves away where it’s not being appreciated. that is nothing short of stupidity.

38. Getting up from bed can be a great task on some days, but the fear of poverty and hunger should be enough reason to spur us into the day’s tasks.

39. We learn the art of patience in a very painful way. We gain much lessons after several distress.

40. Always remember that no one can change the seasons or make the time tick slowly, the efforts put in each day is what is best known as rewards from labours.

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41. Silence has proven overtime, to be the antidote to violence. When you are silent, no harm is done at all.

42. People will make you feel like you’re below, you’re not doing enough, you do not have to be real and true, but the irony of it all is; life is in stages. Everyone’s got a stage to go through before advancing to the next.

43. I don’t fight morals, I don’t blame people, I’m contented, I live a simple life, I’m not bothered by others, I don’t compete. I only live and enjoy life as it comes.

44. No one knows tomorrow, true. But then you have to prepare tomorrow’s provision today. That is the rule of life, and it has always been.

45. Some times we win, at other times we lose but the most important thing is we should never give up. Life is more than that and the moment we realize so, the better.

46. Everyone has someone they look up to, we all forget that someone’s also looking up to us.

47. You are absolutely responsible for your life, no one else is. Know this and be wise.

48. Not even situation requires your advice, sometimes just listen, it will save you from many troubles.

49. Remember that you are you and you can do anything. Even if your dream today is bigger than your wallet, don’t stop dreaming, at least something is occupying your time.

50. Today, I will be doing lot of things which includes sleeping, sleeping and more sleeping.

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