Cheerful Messages: 2022 Best Cheer Up Messages

We all indeed have ups and downs. Some days are bad while some are full of unforgettable moments. When things don’t go the way we expected them, we won’t be happy. In this kind of situation, we need to cheer ourselves up, because nobody, even our best friends and siblings will care for us as much as we do. That’s when cheerful messages comes in, and we have compiled some amazing cheerful quotes and messages to wade off the bad moments and as well inspire you to stay happy.

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How Do You Cheer Someone up With Words?

You don’t need Emotional Intelligence or Social intelligence in order to cheer someone up with words. It’s something simple and basic that you can do as long as you are being genuine and heartwarming. With the use of words, you can always cheer someone up; be it your friends, classmates, colleagues, boss, clients, customers, family, acquaintance, neighbor and even a stranger as long as you are sincere with your words.

Here are some tips you can always try out to cheer someone up with words:

  • Be cheerful.
  • Be friendly.
  • Be sincere.
  • You can try being funny.
  • Be creative.
  • Be thoughtful.
  • Be motivational.
  • Try using inspirational words.
  • You can always add a dash of surprise.
  • Laugh at your joke.
  • Smile, don’t frown.
  • Don’t be bossy.
  • Don’t coerce them into talking.
  • Try listening to them more.
  • Go with an easy approach.
  • Don’t let your words be condescending.
  • Don’t put up a cold or aloof attitude.
  • Share a walk
  • Read a book together and chip in your words.
  • You can do it with a gift.
  • Make them dinner.
  • Go to a spa.
  • Volunteer together.
  • Pray together.
  • Think positively.
  • Empathize not sympathize.
  • Take them somewhere quiet to talk.
  • You can always take them somewhere fun too.
  • Let him or her cry it out.
  • Go shopping.
  • Make an appreciation list.
  • Talk to them when they are doing something they love.
  • Send a thoughtful text.
  • Give them a bear hug, pat or kiss as appropriate afterwards.

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Short Cheerful Messages

Seeing a loved one or a friend in pain can be saddening to us and we try to do what we can to alleviate that. Humans love communication and we can implement this as a palliative by sharing short cheerful messages with them.

Here are some short cheerful messages compiled just for you:

1. After this storm comes the sunshine.

2. Hold up well, hold up strong.

3. I’ve got one big job to do today; making you smile.

4. Smile and show me you’ve still got teeth.

5. Smile for me please; I want to see your dimples.

6. Hey, I bet you 100 that you can smile wider than me.

7. You are different; embrace your uniqueness.

8. Be of good cheer; chin up.

9. Let’s laugh now and save the crying for that romantic tragedy.

10. Happiness lies ahead.

11. What’s life without a little rain?

12. Learn from this and you will be stronger.

13. With time, this too shall pass my dear.

14. You shall heal; certainly!

15. A good cheer is the best healer.

16. Don’t worry; be happy.

17. Every little thing is going to be alright.

18. With time, you shall forget this too.

19. Anger of happiness; your choice.

20. Nothing least forever; problems are no exception.

21. It’s hard and scary but that’s life.

22. Stay positive; do away with negativity.

23. Sometimes, it’s okay not to feel okay.

24. God does not give us trails we can’t withstand.

25. God does not give us a burden we can’t handle.

26. Now, we await the calm after this storm.

27. It didn’t go as planned but it’s okay.

28. Don’t feel sad, I refuse to allow you give up.

29. Things will be fixed; I promise.

30. You are not a waste of time, matter or space.

Cheerful Messages for Friends

Sometimes, life is rough and sometimes our friends might have a rough day. It’s your duty as a friend to brighten up their day. Turns out that sadness, anxiety and despair can be contagious; therefore, you need to take charge and refuse to have a gloomy atmosphere.

Take a look at these cheerful messages for friends to inspire you:

1. Hey dear friend, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and badder.

2. Storms are challenges to test your strength. I know you are strong.

3. I think the sky is everywhere and it begins at your feet.

4. Stop feeling sorry for what happened; the only way forward is to feel happy that you can make amends.

5. Let’s play a game. It’s called Laugh, Smile or Dance.

6. Listen don’t feel under pressure; nobody is cooking you.

7. I’ve got nothing to do today but to talk and make you smile.

8. You are the sun. After this storm, you shall rise again

9. All you’ve got to do is stretch and embrace happiness.

10. My dear, pain is not meant to be perfected.

11. Embrace the pain and let it make you feel stronger.

12. You are not broken; just injured and you’ll heal.

13. Cheers to a new stage dear.

14. Start up, keep it up and chin up.

15. Heads up; stay happy.

16. The adventure continues; wipe your tears.

17. After this tragedy comes the comedy, romance and victory.

18. One day, everything will be alright.

19. What makes life an adventure; the ups and downs.

20. The unexpected twists and turns is what makes life exciting.

21. My dear, you are braver than you think or believe.

22. My dear, you are stronger than seem,

23. My dear, I believe that you are smarter than you think.

24. Forgive and forget; everything making you sad.

25. Hide your frown and don’t let life bring you down.

26. Buckle up, level up and cheer up.

27. May we not lose our good cheer.

28. We are our choices.

29. You are strong, beautiful and you!

30. Remember, you are needed and unique.

Cheerful Messages for Elderly

Another way by which we can show our respect, love and appreciation for the elderly and our citizens is to say something cheerful and give compliments. Being elderly makes them more susceptible to depression and you need to be a reminder that they are significant to conquer that.

Try to lift up their spirits with these cheerful messages for elderly:

1. Life is a mix and you are the perfect seasoned blend.

2. Count life by smiles not tears.

3. Teardrops and laughter; we shall pass through these.

4. There is no age to stop dreaming. Dream more!

5. The future is as bright as your faith.

6. Count your age by friends not years.

7. You are irreplaceable and that’s what makes us inseparable.

8. Wear your stripes with honor and pride.

9. Change is constant. Don’t fight it, embrace it.

10. With failure comes experience and wisdom.

11. We are all looking for change but refuse to acknowledge it. How conflicting!

12. Don’t let the world rid you of your laughter.

13. Wear your crow feet with pride. They are caused by years of laughter.

14. May your days be filled with sunshine.

15. I just thought of you, believe me!

16. Did I forget to tell you again; how much I love and appreciate you.

17. Today, I celebrate you.

18. Be happy, you get to experience pleasure and pain.

19. Turn your dreams into reality.

20. Have faith and act accordingly.

21. What’s a ride without some bumps?

22. Work ahead, walk ahead.

23. When troubles pour like rain, smile and dance in the rain.

24. Here is me sending cheerful thoughts to brighten your day.

25. You are awesome, inspiring and wonderful

26. Happy grandparents’ day. Cheers!

27. I love your cookies; they are warm like your heart grandma.

28. Here’s me trying to keep your heart unwrinkled.

29. I love your blanket; they smell like you, grandpa.

30. There’s no triumph over old age.

31. Your spirit never ages; it stays young forever.

32. You age like fine wine.

33. Age is a work of art. You turned out to be a masterpiece.

34. You’ve to start young to age well. I’m glad you did.

35. The longer you live; the more beautiful life becomes.

36. Though you are old enough to retire, you are young enough to enjoy it.

37. Life is a journey; this is time to upgrade to first class.

38. There’s no age limit on life, remember this.

39. These are the golden years, enjoy it.

40. You are never too old for anything.

Paragraphs to Cheer Someone Up

Cheerful Messages: A neurochemical known as Dopamine which makes someone feels happy can be released in the body when you cheer someone up or being cheered up by someone; as well as the person being cheered up by you.

Below are some paragraphs to cheer someone up:

1. I’ll always be there for you. Ride or die, you are stuck with me. No storm can shake us down or tear us apart.

2. You and I make up and indestructible team. We are unbeatable and unstoppable, nothing in life can hold us down or break us.

3. After the rain comes the sunshine and after the storms comes the rainbow. Hold up strong dear, you shall smile and laugh again. This is just a phase.

4. In life, there will be moments of ups and downs. A time when the storms will come, so turbulent and strong making your life bleak. But do not despair, it shall clear up as long as you stay strong and have faith.

5. When in a fight, don’t call it quit just because you are having a fit. Guard up and keep fighting. I believe in you.

6. I would love to protect you from bad things, tears and sadness. But, that’s not living; as living too cautiously without experiencing these is not an eventful life.

7. You are the epitome of beauty, the vessel of courage, the beacon of hope and the anchor of strength. My dear, you’ve been amazing.

8. Certain things happen in certain ways to certain people. This occurs at certain times and places. Embrace it, it’s all part of the script.

9. When in doubt, think about how much you’ve accomplished, how much you want to gain and how much you stand to lose. But, most importantly, think about me.

10. There are a lot of things I wish you: love, happiness, good health, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, victory, strength, resilience, courage, perseverance, laughter, joy, glory, mercy, favor, wealth, success, fame, promotion, growth, development, progress, confidence, beauty. A lot of things my dear.

11. My dear, I’ll always try to support your dreams and goals just like you support my aspirations. Let me be your motivation today just like how you are my inspiration.

12. I wish you a beautiful life. Full of good experiences and lessons from bad ones. I hope you create beautiful memories and enjoy living.

13. I woke up today and felt a pang in my heart because you were sad. Please, kindly ease this pang and save me from this being by being happy. Smiling is the first step.

14. Something bid, warm and fuzzy is coming your way. A virtual hug from me, can you feel it?

15. Hello there, it’s a lovely day. Therefore, accept lovely wishes from me to my lovely friend. Have a lovely life.

16. A smile lights up the face, cools the brain and heals the heart. That’s great metabolism and a good way to look healthier and younger.

17. If people throw stones at you on your path to success; pick them up and make a bridge. A bridge of stones to keep them out.

18. Knowing isn’t complete without willing and acting. Do what’s necessary.

Comforting Words for Stressed Boyfriend

Having a boyfriend means you get to share experience, memories, thoughts and feelings. If your boyfriend is stressed and this goes on continually, it might affect your relationship as you both start feeling weighed down by the mental and emotional stress.

You can avoid this, keep you man and make him happy with these comforting words for stressed boyfriend.

1. Cheer up dear, you are magnificent.

2. Darling, start today with a smile in your day.

3. Have faith today, you’ll land it.

4. Baby, let me be your cheerleader.

5. Here’s a smile to ease your stress.

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6. Today, you’ll do everything you want to do.

7. Darling, let me be your motivation.

8. Let me take away all your problems; even for a little while.

9. I pray your problems diminish and your joy multiplies.

10. Don’t be sad, it’s a new day.

11. Today; I challenge you to get up, dress up and don’t kiss up.

12. Life is meant to be enjoyed, let’s do so together.

13. You are the sun; the brightest sun in my universe.

14. In you lies something; something the world needs.

15. Baby, stand up and show the world what you’ve got.

16. Baby, show the world and I what you are made of.

17. I believe in miracles; for you are one to me.

18. When there’s life and you, there’s hope.

19. You are strong, let me remind you again.

20. When you feel like giving up, remember that you have me.

21. Tell failure; “not today.”

22. Do your best, cheer up and move on.

23. Chin up baby, everything will be okay.

24. Though it looks bleak now, I believe our future is bright.

25. Baby, that was winter. Now, let’s smile for spring is here.

26. Darling, I am here to make you happier.

27. I know you are going through bad things now. But please, be alright and try to stay happy.

28. My dear, hope to find what’s beyond your hope. I did and I found you.

29. A toast to another day, facing challenges together with me.

30. Together, we shall fight, conquer and overcome.

Funny Ways to Cheer Someone up Over Text

Laughter is indeed the best medicine for the soul and you can take advantage of technology by sending funny messages to someone you know or care about. If you feel that they need some good loving, try cheering them up over text.

Here are some funny ways to cheer someone up over text and put a smile on their face:

1. I hope you woke up today beautiful. I choose not to believe otherwise.

2. Wake up, I’ve had my coffee and I’m at your door now.

3. Hey, what ice-cream should I buy for our move marathon.

4. I’m the happiness fairy, make a wish.

5. Please smile, I can’t bear to see a frown today.

6. Cheer up and feel sexy. Someone out there is thinking about you being naked.

7. Having a bad day is better than losing me!

8. If you are having a bad week, don’t forget to slay while doing so.

9. Don’t be sad because of people; they will die, eventually!

10. Let me remind you again; “fuck this shit.”

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11. Alcohol makes you forget pain but the hangover is a pain in the ass.

12. I don’t need to talk much; you’ll do all the talking when you get back.

13. Break a leg today; not yours though.

14. Everything you want is on the other side; the other side of fear.

15. Cheer up, chin up and brace up. The worst is yet to come.

16. Thing fall apart, things fall in place.

17. Your greatest glory is rising evrytime you fall.

18. It’s sunny today. Shine, glow and have a bright day.

19. You make me smile and your food make my heart skip a beat.

20. I’m sending love in bunches; did you get the flowers and bananas.

21. If I’m not there in 10 minutes, keep yourself busy.

22. Don’t worry I’ve got your back and your bag too.

23. If they hurt, you; tell me. We’ll get hurt together.

24. If I’m not there in an hour, steal my shoes.

25. Screw that! Let’s go partying tonight.

26. Next time you start crying, remember I have a pic of your face.

27. Hey crazy head, cheers to another day of craziness.

28. Want to put up with them; remember how you do it every day with your landlady.

29. Sometimes, you need to release tears to freshen up your eyes.

30. So I heard there was a leak last night; from your eyes.

Therefore, try sharing cheerful messages and words next time you see someone being anxious, down, sad, in pain or despair. You will feel good for making an effort in your little way. Unknown to you, this can have a positive impact to that person and shows that you truly care and have a good heart.


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