Creative Happy Birthday Facebook Posts in English

Creative Happy Birthday Facebook Posts

A birthday is a special holiday to give the best impressions. Birthday period is a wonderful occasion to say how a friend is dear to one. So, sending creative happy birthday facebook messages to them should be the most touching and emotional to show emotions and how we genuinely feel.

We have some creative happy birthday facebook posts that you can choose from to dazzle your friends and loved ones.

1. Happy birthday to you my friend, I wish you a hundred of reasons for you to be happy, a thousand reasons for fun, and a million of opportunities to enjoy a care-free life. Stay as pleasant as you are. Be free-spirited as you are. Let life be a beautiful song. You are the best friend I will ever have. Happy birthday

2. Dear friend, I wish you a marvelous celebration of your birthday and may the whole next year be so delighted. Good luck, dear. May your dreams be realized. I pray you reach the greatest height in life and never fall. And let your beloved inspire you every day. Happy birthday to you. My treasured friend.

3. I wish your choose the tastiest of festive cake and always choose the best things in life with the same appetite. I wish you easy and productive days filled with fun and exciting birthday celebration.

4. A birthday is not just a small number underlined in a calendar. It is the starting point, which is dividing life into “before and after.” Many doubts and recklessness are things of the past. The first hopes and first offenses, victories, and retreats are in the past. But the main thing is what lies ahead. There is a long way to happiness. I wish you billions of rainy and sunny days, snowfall and rainbows, love and friendship.

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5. Just believe in your luck. And it will not let you down. I know I will never meet a friend as good as you. You are the best and most unique friend I will ever have. Now I intend to tell you a few simple words. Just as cute and as sincere as you are. Be happy and don’t be afraid that your luck will betray you. Just believe in yourself, and everything will work out fine. And believe the world loves you. Happy birthday.

Creative Happy Birthday Posts on Facebook

6. My friend, happy birthday to you. I am glad to wish you health, which is active as whiskey, brilliant life, and beautiful love. Also, I want to thank you for being there in the darkest moment of my life. I wish you the most extended life and a wondrous prosperity. Happy birthday.

7. To the love of my life, the joy of my world and my everything. I wish you a happy birthday and may this special day of yours be as fantastic as you are. Happy birthday.

8. I count my blessing every day, and you are at the top. No one is capable to fill the special space you occupy in my heart. I want to thank you for being mine. You are the precious gift I could ever want in my life. I promise you my underlying love forever. Through thick and thin, I will always be there for you. Happy birthday my love. You are my favorite person here on earth.

9. Happy birthday to you, the love of my life and the joy of my world. You are my everything. On this your special day, be as extraordinary as you have always been. Happy birthday, my sweetheart.. You are my dream come true. May our love never come down. May it receive wings to fly to the highest height and to the farthest end of the earth. Happy Birthday.

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10. Your love is the light shining in my life. Your love has brought me so much joy. May your birthday brings you all the happiness, joy, peace and tranquility. Happy birthday to you sweetheart.

Birthday Wishes for Friends on Facebook Status

11. Life without you is like a worthless journey. Your love gives direction to my life. I’m so grateful to God for giving you to me. Happy birthday my dearest

12. My heart has found resting abode in you. You calm my fears and give me enough reasons to want to face life struggles. I will go to the end of the earth with you for just to prove my love for you. The fire of your love will forever burns in my life. Happy birthday.

13. The day I found you, I knew luck has finally located me. You are the source of my joy and happiness. I love you today and always. Happy birthday, dearest

14. Happy birthday to the key that unlocks my heart. To the one that brightens my day and completes my thought. You are the most amazing person I have ever known. May your special day be the most extraordinary day of your life. Keep shining, happy birthday to you, sweetie.

15. Every moment spent with you is precious and fun-filled. I look forward to being with you now and always. You are my dearest friend and beautiful lover. I couldn’t ask for a better person than you. Thank you for being the most extraordinary love of my life. Happy birthday to you.

Unique Facebook Birthday Wishes for Best Friends

16. I am grateful for your true friendship. Hope you have the best birthday ever, as it gladdens my heart to wish you sound health, which is stronger than whiskey, a cloudless life, and beautiful love. Happy birthday!

17. Happy birthday to you, my valued friend. You know we appreciate those people who bring some crazy things into our life. They are rash doings and spontaneous jokes. We always remember such situations. Thanks for being the best friend I have. I appreciate this a lot. Happy birthday to my dearest friend.

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18. I wish a hundred reasons for bliss, a thousand reasons for entertainment, happy birthday to you. May your life be as fantastic as you have made mine. May the goodies of life never leave you forever.

In general, Happy Birthday messages are there to express to friends, loved one’s colleagues, and acquaintances how one feels about them. Especially to make them feel happy and loved and to make the day unique for them. We hope these creative happy birthday captions have helped you give your loved one a memory that lingers. Make sure to check out our 21st birthday captions too, for unique ways to celebrate that milestone!

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