2022 Hottest Valentine Day Funny Messages

Valentine Day – a yearly anniversary that occurs every fourteenth of February celebrated as a reminder of love and humanity. Valentine’s Day is accepted as a religious, cultural, and commercial celebration of romance and love globally. It’s a season to show love and care in whichever way you can, and a lot of couples place a key significance of this day by sending valentine day funny messages.

One of the ways you can show love is by sharing laughter, joy, and putting a smile to someone’s face. How do you do that? Writing and sharing valentine day funny messages can lift your spouse spirit and set her/him in the right mood for other events you’ve got lined up on this special occasion.This day is a great opportunity to tease your lover with your naughty humor or send funny messages to relatives, friend, or colleagues.

Lovers who are witty, quirky, and share humor stay longer together. Laughter is not only the best medicine but also strong glue. For those who are single, reading these valentine day funny messages can also make you smile or laugh as you snuggle in your bed munching on those treats.

Romantic Valentine Day Funny Messages

Here are some witty valentine messages you can send to your lover to celebrate the valentines day

1. Valentine’s Day is a favorite poet holiday.

2. Valentines’ Day is the best algorithm to filter the single from the rest.

3. It’s funny how a valentine’s card can have a major impact on your future.

4. Valentine’s Day is for the discovery of artistic talents from lovers.

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5. Without Valentine’s Day, February will be a boring month.

6. Valentine’s Day is another great excuse for lovers to show off.

7. If you can stay in love with the same person for months, you deserve an award.

8. A guy truly loves you if he ignores his favorite game showing and focus on you.

9. The best way to annoy someone is to marry him.

10. Love is fiery; it ignites a fire in you.

11. Only lovers can know the great consequences of the little confessions.

12. Love is a war, easy to start but difficult to stop.

13. Want to have revenge on someone; love her.

14. We all need love; with chocolates, please.

15. When you touch a woman’s heart, she touches you back.

16. Love is fire; it either makes your heartburn or burns you out.

17. To be complete, a man gets married- then he’s finished.

18. A grave mental disease has been discovered; its name is LOVE.

19. You can’t buy love, but you will pay the price.

20. If love is blind, why is makeup popularly used?

21. If you can smile just once per year; do it now.

22. To love and to be wise is impossible.

23. Whoever invented kissing should be questioned.

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24. Want to shut up someone you like; kiss her/him.

25. Love has the power to make you delusional.

26. Love makes you jealous, greedy, and happier.

27. Love- widely misunderstood but still widely common.

28. Love is like a drink; the more you drink, the more you become intoxicated.

29. Love is like a drug-it gets you hooked.

30. Love is stupid; love is being stupid together.

Funny Valentine Day Messages

31. Love is when you have a boss who you would like to please always.

32. I broke up with my girlfriend-she wanted to get married, and I didn’t want her to.

33. It takes true lovers to be passionate yet silly.

34. The art of persistence is simply the art of love.

35. The bravest thing for cowards to do is love.

36. I know love, and I know money, yet I love money.

37. I have tasted love-it’s my favorite food.

38. There’s one thing I’m excited to give you- my last name.

39. Love is a state of mental confusion, then acceptance.

40. Love is the best escape from reality.

41. Love is merely a state of perceptual anesthesia.

42. A hero is someone who fights for love without dying.

43. I want love from rich, handsome, smart guys, of course.

44. Love can’t be a secret-it’s always exposed.

45. Love is like a cough- the longer you suppress it, the greater it emerges.

46. Love is like a sneeze- it makes your heart skip a beat too.

47. Should I choose between fear and love; I think I want to be fearfully loved instead.

48. You can’t live without love- obviously, oxygen is what you need.

49. Wonder how people fall in love without knowing how deep it is.

50. Feeling nauseous, anxious, and tingly, it’s either love or smallpox.

51. In love, you can either be right or be happy.

52. Adam and Eve didn’t have any dates; they had an apple.

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53. This is just another day for singles to save and lovers to splurge.

54. I’m so happy for you; you have the best wife- me.

55. This is one of those days when ladies have to act surprised.

56. Every man usually has headaches before this event.

57. I love three people- me, myself, and I.

58. I say nothing about you because you are everything to me; I don’t want to lose you.

59. There’s only one thing I want to change about you- your last name.

60. My love for you is like a fart- I tried to suppress it, but it burst free.

Funny Singles Valentines Day Post

61. My love for you is like peeing- everyone can see it, but only I can feel it.

62. The best card you can give me is a VISA.

63. Every time you cross my mind, I miss you; I’m really a bad shooter.

64. You are hereby arrested for stealing my heart and capturing my soul.

65. You drive me crazy- you make a victim feel good.

66. You made me a believer- that love is celebrated annually.

67. I’ll see you in court for making me yours.

68. This is a day where you are allowed to express your jealousy in public.

69. You are my dream come true but also a nightmare to others.

70. How to save money on valentines- be single.

71. With you, I can be with anybody; you are a great company.

72. You tripped me, and I fell- but in love.

73. I wish there’s a fast-forward button for valentines.

74. Here take these flowers; you made me kill them for you.

75.I’ve been waiting for the right guy for quite a while; so I’ll eat the chocolates I kept for him.

76. Eventually, I fell in love, but nobody picked me. Instead, my heart got stolen.

77. Your love is better than chocolate- let me rethink that.

78. The secret to my peaceful nights is you, my dear.

79. Congrats! I’m your first repetitive valentine.

80. You’ve made the stars angry- for you shine brighter than them.

81. Let’s kiss first to stop loses.

82. I’ll call the cops for you’ve got me hooked.

83. I try to meet your standards but kindly lower them for Valentine’s Day.

84. I’ll tell you the perfect crime- we steal each other’s heart and stay together.

85. Are you lost- Heaven is quite far from here.

86. I’ll be your organ donor- I’ll give you my heart.

87. Can you empty your pockets; I’m looking for my heart.

88. It’s weird how nothing enters my mind once you’ve occupied it.

89. Will you fill in space- between my heartbeats?

90. One of my wishes is for my emergency contact to be you soon.

Quirky Valentines Message

91. Let me remind you that I’m single, I need a ring and I love you.

92. My love for you is stronger than last year- it won’t fade away.

93. My love for you is stronger than dye; it’s permanent.

94. Valentine’s tomorrow so I suggest you confess today.

95.I couldn’t find the cheapest bargain for ten dozen roses.

96. I trust you; I trust your plan- that’s why you plan for you and I on valentines.

97. Planning for Valentine’s Day is like preparing for the Olympics.

98. On this day, every guy shall hold his breath as his lady unwraps her gift from him.

99. My love for you can’t be expressed; a Valentine’s Day card just won’t do.

100. Love is a game- the outcome is always unpredictable.

101. The wine sells better than beer on this day.

102. Love is a game- someone always cries; either tear of joy or sadness.

103. Honesty is the key to every relationship; fake it, and you are in.

104. Today is what I would like to call “extortion day.”

105. On this day, let’s remember never to stay mad- let’s stay crazy instead.

106. They say love is blind, so the eye-opener is marriage.

107. Being alone on valentines is priceless; you don’t have to spend money.

108. Valentine’s is a reminder for me to put away my Christmas decorations.

109. Love has no price tag, but the accessories do.

110. The delivery guy makes most dates on valentines.

111. Valentine’s Day is another avenue for couples to show off to their exes.

112. Valentine’s Day – Loveday, Purchase day.

113. Let me remind you that I love you just the way I am.

114. Will you be my player 2?

115. I like you enough to take off my wig now.

116. I would love you even if we were the last ones alive and you are ugly.

117. Kissing a lot of frogs to find your prince is easier than making him stay.

118. On Valentine’s Day, men turn to delivery guys.

119. On this day, a man truly understands how hard it is to plan and disappoint.

120. This is a day where anxieties are acquired and transferred.

Making valentine day funny,special and unique by sharing these valentine day funny messages will make you tickle your lover’s funny bone, win your lover’s heart, and make the day more memorable.

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