50 Best Facebook Biography Ideas
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50 Best Facebook Biography Ideas

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Best Facebook Biography Ideas

What are the best ideas you could come up with for your Facebook biography? This question must have crossed your mind, at least twice, whenever you log into your Facebook account, and you see the space meant for your bio empty or you see the need to update what you have there before. I hope this article will give you one or two answers to this question.

Your Facebook bio provides you an opportunity to talk or type about yourself for others to read; thus, they will have an idea of who you are, even without having a chat with you. You must be wondering, by now, that what are those things that I can upload as my Facebook bio.

Your Facebook bio can be in the form of a quote, probably one of your numerous favorite quotes, or it could be a creative description of who you are, your likes, your dislikes, your work, your career, your general attitude or whatever information you don’t mind releasing to a stranger. Your Facebook biography, as the name implies, can also contain a short story about you that makes you or your personality unique. I mean talking about something that you’re generally known for. You could also upload whatever captures the essence of who you are.

Above all, there’s no ruling out of ideas that may come to your mind about your Facebook biography. However, you should know that most things you upload on any social media aren’t safe from prying eyes of the outside world, except you adjust your security or privacy settings to avoid that, then, It’s advisable to keep any information you wouldn’t share with a stranger away from your Facebook biography.

So in most cases, people tend to fill up the space meant for the bio on their Facebook timeline with quotes that will be able to accurately capture their views and thoughts on life and the issues in it, Issues like friendship, happiness, perfection, love, relationships, peace, and what have you. Just in case you feel you’re out of place because you choose to fill your bio space with quotes, be assured that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

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To back up what is being mentioned earlier, the list below will give you ideas of what you can upload on your Facebook profile as your bio:

Best Fb Biography Ideas

1. I may not be the perfect person you’ve always wished for, but I’m very far from being fake.

2. It’s important for you to know that not everyone deserves your kindness, and not everyone deserves your attention, give it to those who deserve it, and you’ll be glad you did.

3. Being different is a mix of being simple with a dash of craziness, I’ll say that’s the true definition of me.

4. Meeting people has never been one of the things I fear, but these days I doubt if that’s still true.

5. Believe and hope the world gets better than it is. It gets better when you work towards making it better.

6. The change you’ve always wanted is right within you.

7. If it were easy, it wouldn’t be special, it’s special because it wasn’t easy.

8. I’ve stopped caring too much about others since I realized others don’t care about me.

9. One of the basic rules of life is to do unto others what you’ll have them do unto you.

10. No matter how bad or horrible the stories you’ve heard about me are, don’t believe until you confirm yourself.

11. I’d rather be friends with someone who knows every of my weakness and still chooses to be with me than be with a friend who sees me as perfect and nothing less than that.

12. I know I do random crazy and funny things, but it only makes me more of me and less of others.

13. Being the best version of me is what I do best.

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14. Even though it doesn’t look easy, success comes to those who work for it.

15. Today might not be the best day, but trust me, better days are sure to come.

16. Once you master the art of forgiveness, you find it easier to live with people and understand the reason they act the way they do.

17. Influencing the world doesn’t start from the world; it starts with the people around you first, then it spreads to the whole world.

18. It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to succeed; what matters is that there is a success at last.

19. Memories are gradually created with the ones you love; it takes commitment and constant effort to keep such wonderful memories.

20. One of the things that bring joy and color to one’s life is the spark of friendship. I intend to add this to my most treasured collections.

Facebook Bio Examples

21. Most times, you come to realize that the people you will gladly take a shot for are the ones you find behind the gun.

22. Trust nobody. Nobody loves you than you.

23. If you ask me what drives me and I fail to mention purpose, you should know that wasn’t me talking.

24. I’m a wonderful friend to all but not a friend of one.

25. I don’t care what you think about me cos I don’t think about you at all.

26. Being beautiful is about accepting and embracing yourself for who you are, don’t be who you weren’t made to be.

27. The happiest people are not the one who has the best of everything but are those who make the best of everything they have.

28. I’m no man-pleaser because the day you start living your life to please others, you in you start dying gradually.

29. It’s okay if you don’t like minding your business, but it’ll do you a lot of good to stay far from me while I mind my own business.

30. In case you need to know about me, feel free to chat me up, I’m always ready to make new friends.

31. What’s life if we don’t make the best of it, What’s social media if we don’t make the best use of it, What’s Facebook if we don’t meet new friends.

32. I’m this kind of person that you’ll never want to let go once you get a hold of me.

33. I might look hard from outside, but there’s a soft soul within me that longs to be with new people.

34. Don’t get mad at me if I fail to meet up to your expectations, the plan was to live my life the way I want and not living it to fulfill other people’s expectation.

35. It takes a loving heart to receive love when it finally comes its way.

36. Some friends stick closer than an octopus to your face, and some are more slippery than eels, time will definitely tell who is who.

37. I’m an easy going and cool person, Bad energy stay far away.

38. I’d rather be with someone who will hold me back from getting into trouble than with someone who will get me out of trouble.

39. Not everything is as different as we see it, most times, it’s just our ideas and perceptions that make the difference.

40. I don’t have time to hate my haters because I’m so busy loving back those who love me.

41. One thing my haters don’t know: They are my number 1 fan.

42. I let the haters keep hating while I keep loving my lovers.

43. I am 99% percent real and 1% unreal, Don’t be shocked when you find me exhibiting the 1% cos I never said I was 100% real.

44. Once you learn to fill up your hands with blessings God has released upon you, you’ll have no space to hold on to grudges with people.

45. My haters are part of the few people who serve as motivation for me to succeed, so I need more haters to be more successful.

46. What goes around comes around; Karma is a bitch.

47. No matter how little your steps may be, in the end, what really matters is that you’re not where you used to be.

48. People change, but it doesn’t make them less human.

49. Talk about me, talk about music, music is my life.

50. I just don’t know how I do it, but I just find myself getting things done in a much easier way, it’s not laziness, call it creativity or productivity, whichever you choose.

Amazing ideas we got up there, right? The list above is just to give you a hint on what you could come up with when the question of filling your Facebook bio pops up. Lest I forget, a Facebook bio is simply put, an extremely short form of biography meant to give others an insight about who you are. Emphasis is placed on ‘short’ so as for you to know the importance of your Facebook biography being short, creative, and captivating.

Have a nice time uploading these amazing biographies!

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