Best 100+ WhatsApp Bio In English

The first impression, they say matters. New contacts and existing contacts on your WhatsApp list will always want to know a bit of who you are or what you are up to. Do you have any for them? In case you have been looking for a short bio in English to describe yourself on your WhatsApp, sit back and scoop more than you can exhaust from this compilation of the best whatsApp Bio in English.

Best Bio for Whatsapp in English

1. My view about life? It is about learning to dance under the rain rather than wait for the storm to pass.

2. In a world that tries to make you look like anyone else, the greatest challenge is being yourself.

3. I am who I am. No one said you have to like it.

4. To be myself, I learn to love and accept myself the way I am.

5. I never see myself as a failure. Instead, I see my success postponing itself for a later time.

6. What you are seeing is just the tip of the iceberg. The best of me is on the way.

7. I take responsibility for everything that comes from my mouth, but I cannot be held accountable for what you don’t understand.

8. My personal belief is that failure should be an option

9. Lazy? No, I am not. Someone went away with my motivation.

10. When I am out to be good, I am best. When I am out for evil, I am worst.

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11. I love people who say what they feel. It is not rude. Instead, it is real

12. I care less about what other people think because I don’t want to be their prisoner.

13. Many people grumble because roses have thorns. Well, I am thankful that thorns have roses.

14. I see life as being too short for me to waste it on hating other people

15. I need a blessing that is not in disguise

16.Yes, it time to be happy again.

17. In life, sometimes you succeed, and at other times you learn.

18. Being a gentleman is what I have chosen to be.

19. Enjoy every little thing that comes your way because sometime you’ll look back and discover that they were big.

20. My attitude is a function of the people I find in front of me.

Short Quotes for Whatsapp Bio

21. I am a true descendant of awesomeness

22. Each time I look at myself, I off my cap for God’s creativity.

23. We are the authors of our life. Sadly, some people write theirs with a pen, and they can’t erase their mistakes.

24. I am no one. No one is perfect. So, I’m perfect.

25. Behind my smiles are thousands of things you cant understand

26. Most of the greatest people in life started from nothing. So, I’ll keep going.

27. I can’t tell you that I am the best. I am only trying my best to be the best

28. I can’t be a second option. You should choose me or lose me

29. Like the valued note currencies, I am silent and don’t make a noise like coins.

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30. I may not be as rich as you expect, but if you look beyond riches, I bet that you’ll find me to be a good person. I think that’s what matters the most.

31. When I am myself, I am at my best, and I achieve the best results.

32. I am unique in my style; please don’t copy me.

33. I know that it is not everyone that likes me. After all, it’s not everyone that matters.

34. I live my life strictly according to my style.

35. I love reinventing myself, it is a part of my responsibility.

36. I speak less because I know that it only a few people who care to listen

37. Spreading rumors about me only makes me more famous

38. Your judgment about others doesn’t define them; it merely illustrates your view.

39. Live life, laugh aloud, and love forever. That’s my life’s principle.

40. Hello, be glad that you met me because life can be so boring without me.

Whatsapp Bio for Boy

41. I only need people who can handle me at my worst because they are the only ones who deserve my best

42. I am not weird, I am only realistic

43. Life is made up of 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.

44. Life is reciprocal. I respect those who respect me and forget those who don’t think of me. Simple as that.

45. My life principle: be good, and you shall always see good in everything and everyone as well as in yourself.

46. I want to be your favorite and best hello as well as your hardest goodbye.

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47. I hate to read for exams. Please is there an App for that?

48. Life is not about finding who you are. It is about creating yourself from scratch.

49. I can’t tell you my religion, but I think that the way I live my life will tell.

50. I can’t resist being happy with the simple things around me, which God has given to me.

51. I make mistakes, I get sad sometimes, and I have a weakness. But I learn from all these to make myself a better person.

52. I was born to be true but not to be perfect

53. I am far from being perfect. I make mistakes, I may hurt you, but when I say that I am sorry, I mean it.

54. I wouldn’t describe myself as a master of anything; we learn every day.

55. I sleep on my bed and wish for success, I work for it.

Whatsapp Bio for Girl

56. What you or others think about me is never my business

57. I learn to always smile at everything that comes my way because I am confident that one day life will be tired of giving me bad vibes.

58. I call myself a king because I know how to rule myself.

59. I am real, and I am myself.

60. Beauty on captures attention, but personality captures the heart

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61. I am always happy and never making a permanent decision out of my temporal emotion.

62. I am not a lazy person, I am only on energy-saving mode.

63. Those who hurt and broke you down don’t matter. It is only those who are always there to make you smile.

64. I learn to enjoy my life the way it is instead of comparing it with that of others.

65. I don’t accept that the sky is the limit when I can find footprints on the moon

66. I use my smile to change people, but I don’t let them change my smiles.

67. Hello, please relax, it isn’t your duty to like me. I am already doing that.

68. I work hard every day to ensure that my grass is greener than anyone else’s.

69. No one is better. So I am always myself.

70.I learn to love myself first since I’ll be spending the rest of my life with myself.

Status for WhatsApp Bio Attitudes

71. I am always myself rather than become a photocopy of another person.

72. That my path is different from yours doesn’t mean that I am lost

73. No one is perfect, not even you nor me

74. My personality? That’s dependent on your attitude

75. I learn to face my problems because running away from them won’t solve them.

76. I predict my future by creating it

77. You can only enjoy life when you smile over everything that comes your way

78. My choice is making the rest of my life the best of my living.

79. Instead of negativity, I rather surround myself with makeup.

Below are some creative and motivational whatsapp bio in English

80. I keep learning from my mistakes. I better make more than imitate you.

81. Quitting is an option but its never my choice.

82. My definition of life? It is simple! Live it, love it, and learn from it.

83. I have always known that “awesome” end in me.

84. When nothing seems to be right, I make the best from the left.

85. I live to accomplish my dreams and die with beautiful memories.

86. Don’t judge me because you can’t tell a quarter of my story

87. I am shy, but my success speaks for me.

88. I always make life today to be fun since tomorrow can’t be guaranteed.

89. Don’t try to study me because you won’t pass a course not to talk more about graduating.

90. Always be happy because that is the ultimate purpose of life.

91. I am optimistic and always looking towards the bright side of life.

92. I don’t know the secret to success, but I know that the secret to failure is trying to please everyone.

93. I am always moving forward and don’t live my life in the past lane.

94. I have two hands; one to help myself and the other to help others.

95. I am always shooting for the moon knowing that if I can’t hit it, I’ll land among the stars.

96. I refuse to give up because when I do, that’s the moment I say, “another should win instead of myself.”

97. I live with the understanding that challenges make life enjoyable, and overcoming them is what makes it meaningful.

98. I don’t wait for the best moment. I take every moment and make them perfect.

99. I don’t go around looking for a miracle. I know that I am a miracle myself.

100. Only the walls that you build around yourself can confine you.

And so you have them all here? So, there is no more need to rack your brain looking for what to write as your WhatsApp bio. Sure, you’ll found this Best WhatsApp Bio in English very useful whenever you want to share your thoughts, beliefs, and life’s principle with your contacts.

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