Lovely Instagram Captions for Girls in English

Instagram Captions for Girls

Instagram, one of the best social media out there, is an excellent way for girls to socialize, share with your audience/followers. Want to boost your social media presence or share a great photo; an instagram caption for girls are definitely needed to appeal more to the audience.

Whether a photo or a video, a good caption will earn you more likes and shares. The power of a good caption cannot be underrated as it provides more context for the pictures attached.

Make sure the caption goes well with the post and avoid lewd words. The caption chosen should either match your personality or provide information for the post. Be creative, be original, and be smart about it.

Don’t hold back; be poetic, be sassy,

Here are some captions to inspire you:

Beautiful Captions for Girls

1. The prettiest girls are the happiest ones.

2. The kind of beauty you need is yours.

3. The happier you are, the more beautiful you become, and the more comfortable you will be.

4. Sometimes you can be a glowstick; you may need to break to shine.

5. Perfect girls are not real, but I’ll tell you that real girls are entirely true.

6. Shine darling, that’s all you have to do.

7. The best gift I can give this morning is my smile.

8. I am who I wanted and will be what I want.

9. The prettiest thing I can ever wear is my smile.

10. Giggles, smiles, and laughs are signs of happiness.

11. The best shield for a cruel world is a happy soul.

12. I’m a cutie but also a hottie, so don’t be a Downie to me.

13. With brave wings, I fly.

14. Wherever I go, I leave a little sparkle.

15. I’m a collector; I collect smiles to give them away.

16. In her eyes is a galaxy, in her mind is a universe.

17. I know, I’m your all-time favorite.

18. With you, so many smiles began.

19. I want to be like the sea; wild, beautiful, and free.

20. I know life is tough, but so am I.

21. I’m a phoenix; I rise back every time.

22. In my soul lies a fire, in my heart lies grace.

23. I’m beautiful, and so I shall do hard things beautifully.

24. A butterfly I what I am, pretty to see but challenging to catch.

25. Every single day, I sparkle.

26. Black is for Fridays.

27. On Mondays, I wear red.

28. I know the smile will save someone’s life.

29. I’m here to save the day and light up your night.

30. It’s interesting how a girl’s eyes have their vocabulary.

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31. I refuse to let anyone dull my sparkle.

32. She was the moon, shining yet a part of her remained hidden.

33. With your eyes, smile; with your mouth, laugh.

34. Being cozy in your skin is what makes you beautiful.

35. I know, I’m a mess of gorgeous chaos.

36. You are not fully dressed without a sparkle.

37. Inside of us all lies a princess hoping to be a queen.

38. Great beauty is all about simplicity.

39. You are beautiful; smile.

40. You know what’ broken crayons still color.

41. Here I am with lots of hugs and kisses; I’m so generous

42. Indeed, silence speaks more.

43. From within comes true beauty.

44. Let the priority be yourself.

45. I’m a creation of my happiness.

46. If beauty is power, I hope this isn’t aphrodisiac.

47. I’m just a girl hoping to discover love.

48. I embrace it all, my flaws, and all.

 Sassy Captions for Girls

49. I’m not like the rest of you, darling, I’m unique.

50. To this innocent face lies a wild side.

51. First, watch, hate, or not, but you will copy.

52. We are queens; we fix each other’s crowns.

53. Here I am, ready to change the world.

54. My favorite accessory is my confidence.

55. I’m a queen; I wear my courage as a crown.

56. Simple, wakeup and makeup

57. I’m me, and I’m beautiful.

58. I may be savage, but I’m not average.

59. I lift my head always as a queen, lest the crown falls.

60. The best accessory you can wear is a smile.

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61. Life is too short for boring clothes and makeup.

62. Now, my eyes do the talking.

63. A cup of tea you were, but now, I drink champagne.

64. The best revenge is dressing well, looking good and smelling sweet.

65. Life is short, so make every hair flip count.

66. I seek respect, not your attention.

67. Leave a trail of sparkle everywhere you go.

68. It’s not about to get chased but getting chosen.

69. I’m a diamond, rare, and valued.

70. I’m a beautiful chapter in the pages of life.

71. Every day, I get up, show up, and never give up.

72. I’m someone’s Sunday, not anyone’s Saturday night.

73. I’m classic; out of style is not possible.

74. Always dress like you’ll encounter your enemy on the road.

75. Life is a party; dress to the theme.

76. My dear, I’m a diamond, indestructible.

77. I’m back, ladies, and better than ever.

78. Here’s me pushing hard every day to be the I can.

79. I’m hotter than the blazing sun.

80. You can never go wrong with coffee and confidence.

81. It’s okay if you don’t like me; I love myself.

82. Who runs the world? Strong women.

83. I love my heels; they are higher than your standards.

84. Like my style? it’s a combo of my attitude and personality

85. I’m eccentric, too weird for you to handle.

86. In this pure being, lies a complicated mind.

87. I keep my heels high to remind you that my standards are high.

88. I’m a queen; I need a king.

89. Sorry dear, jealousy is a disease; get well soon.

90. The reason I can’t be replaced is that I don’t race.

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91. You know what sexy about me? My mind.

92. I dress to impress; myself only.

93. I’m like a storm.

94. Sexy and foxy.

95. Sometimes it’s okay to be a beautiful beast.

96. I know, I’m too glam to give a damn.

97. I’m sexy, independent, confident, and fun.

98. I dress to impress; myself, of course.

99. I’m a good person; I only show my evil side to the bad ones.

100. I do small things. Yes, little things in great ways.

101. Short hair, don’t fear because I don’t care.

102. No one can compete with me.

103. I’m not impossible; with me, it’s a possibility.

104. Cinderella never asked for a prince; she wanted to experience.

105. I’m a beautiful nightmare.

106. I cry easily when I cut onions.

107. I’m lassy, not trashy.

108. I’m a diva; I don’t do drama. I do business.

109. Every day, I pray, slay, and conquer the day.

Selfie Captions for Girls

110. Sun-kissed.

111. Thank mama for this.

112. I love vintage selfies.

113. Portrait of a beautiful girl with pretty eyes and a hearty smile.

114. I looked at the mirror and said, “You are beautiful.”

115. Makeup; boosting confidence every day.

116. Girly and flirty.

117. You can never go wrong with a black dress and red lips.

118. Moonlight, rainstorm, stardust; I’m all this and more.

119. Oops, I’m sorry about looking prettier than the last selfie.

120. “And this is how I stand out.”

121. Glow and go with the flow.

122. Messy bun, don’t wait for me, hun.

123. I apologize if my beauty blinds you.

124. A daily selfie a day keeps negativity away.

125. A suitable attire on a bad day is all you need.

126. Simply me.

127. Know why I have a gloss on my lips? Lip-gloss.

128. Maybe I’m born with it, but I had to roll with it.

129. I’m bright like glitter.

 Funny Captions for Girls

130. This extra weight is my very own heat padding.

131. I would rather arrive late than ugly.

132. I swear I’m normal.

133. I’m sweet with toppings of crazy.

134. With coffee and mascara, I’m can always save the day.

135. Here I am, mastering the art of awkward posing.

136. I’m not lazy, just saving energy.

137. You say I’m fat; I say I’m easier to see.

138. In a flock of pigeons, I’m a flamingo.

139. Life is short, buy that dress you want.

140. I laugh at my mistakes, so I’ll definitely laugh at yours.

141. Today, I’m too lazy to wear yesterday’s clothes again.           

142. Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy the fantastic makeup I need.

143. I’m crazy with some moments of sanity.

144. Being normal is boring; try being crazy.

145. I’m nicer when I’ve eaten.

146. Adjust your focus when life’s boring.

147. I know you can’t live without my pictures.

148. Curls and girls are here to stay.

149. Beneath all these curls is a beautiful face.

150. Give me the right hairstyle, and I can do it all

151. Thank God for Eyebrows.

152. I’m not good with faces, so don’t make this a case.

153. Nothing can hold me down asides gravity, lol!

154. One in a million? No, I prefer one in a lifespan.

155. God is creative; God is amazing; I mean, look at me.

156. Know why I’m lazy? Someone stole my motivation.

157. Shopping is an excellent therapy to unwind; if you have money, of course.

158. Braless is flawless, and they are right.

159. Always, I keep my head and heels high.

160. Like breadcrumbs, leave a trail of positivity.

161. Always wing it; eyeliner or life.

162. In life, stand taller with your heels.

I’m sure these instagram captions for girls will prove helpful. Next time, you need that perfect caption for that stunning and amazing picture; you know where to look.


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