Cute Ways to Say Happy Anniversary on Facebook

An anniversary is a special day of celebration which commemorates one of the most important days in a person’s life. A lot of couples love to share their anniversary messages to one another on Facebook whilst letting the world in on their joyous occasion.

Happy anniversary for a couple symbolizes a milestone in a happy relationship; holding memoirs of strength, beautiful moments and the fascinating journey together while having good predictions and wishes for the future.

It’s a joyous occasion to congratulate each other and celebrate their love life

Below are some cute ways to say happy anniversary on Facebook:

cute ways to say happy anniversary on facebook

1. You make life much better,

Every day is more daring, spontaneous and exciting,

All thanks to you my love. Happy anniversary!


2. All of me loves all of you,

Love your curves and your edges,

All your perfect imperfections; forever.

Happy anniversary!


3. Like Yin and Yang; Black and White,

You balance me.

Happy anniversary!


4. I was wandering in the dark; I couldn’t see,

So I lit a candle, but you brought the torch.

A happy anniversary!


5. You are my puzzle fit,

Together we form a kaleidoscope,

Thanks for complimenting me.

Happy anniversary!


6. You provide the colors,

To create a rainbow in my life,

Together we create a masterpiece.

Happy anniversary!


7. Together, we dance to the music of our love,

I lead, you follow; you lead, I follow.

Happy anniversary!


8. I wanted someone to love me,

So can I say thank you for turning this fantasy to reality,

I will love you; always and forever.

A happy anniversary!


9. My love, just like you are mine,

I want your first love and your last love,

I want to be your alpha and omega in your love book.

A happy anniversary!


10. My love, I love everything about you,

Your witty mind and crazy quirks,

I want all of you; always and forever.

A happy anniversary!


11. Like a villain, I stole your heart,

And like a pirate you got me hooked,

Ain’t that sweet dear?

A happy anniversary to us!


12. You are my muse, everything to me,

You are inspirational, motivating and challenging,

Without you, I would be lost.

A happy anniversary!


13. I have read and heard a lot of love stories,

I know ours can be one of the greatest love stories ever known,

I will always love you, my dear.

A happy anniversary!


14. My dear, I know life has its ups and downs,

But ours will be imperfectly perfect,

No menage can tear us down,

We stay united forever.

A happy anniversary!


15. I don’t believe in prophecies,

I don’t need tarot cards to tell me what lays for us,

I can envision our future together; forever…

A happy anniversary to us!


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16. I have got two tattoos,

One is your name on my wrist,

Another is your love in my heart,

I love you, dear.

A happy anniversary!


17. Life is a rush,

Caught up in this thriller, people lose themselves,

But you’ve been my anchor,

I say thank you, my dear.

A happy anniversary to us!


18. I love you,

And I will always love you,

For a thousand years and more,

Happy Anniversary my love!


19. Because of you, my love,

I laugh a lot harder,

I cry a little less,

And I smile a lot more.

Happy Anniversary my love!


20. Every day, I thank my stars,

For being so lucky to get a man like you,

Let’s get lucky for the rest of our lives.

Happy Anniversary my love!


21. You awaken my soul,

You make me reach for more,

You plant the fire in my hearts,

You bring peace to my mind,

I hope for this forever my dear,

Happy Anniversary my love!


22. Even after all this while,

My heart skips a beat,

And when I see your lovely face,

My heart still melts.

Happy Anniversary my love!


23. Just like the light at the end of a tunnel,

You give me hope,

Like the smiles in a selfie,

You light up my world.

Happy Anniversary my love!


24. You bring out the best in me,

For I’m much more me whenever I’m with you,

I love you, my dear.

Happy Anniversary my love!


25. For the two of us,

Home isn’t a place,

It is a person,

And we are finally home.

Happy Anniversary my love!


26. Because of you,

I don’t want to fall asleep,

Indeed, my reality is now finally better than my dream.

Happy Anniversary my love!


27.To spend an eternity with you is all I ever wanted,

Loving you, Caring for you, Respecting you,

Whilst showing you my love every day.

Happy Anniversary my love!


28. It’s time I confess to you, darling

I fall in love with someone every second,

I fall in love with someone many times,

That’s you, my sweet potato.

Happy anniversary my dear!


29. It’s so great that I found you,

My special person,

I want to adore till infinity,

Happy Anniversary my love!


30. Congratulations on another year of us together,

I wish us the laughter, joy, and happiness for years to come.

Happy anniversary my dear!


31. We are two imperfect pieces that fit perfectly together,

Indeed, we two weirdo’s are perfect for each other.

Happy anniversary my dear!


32. As we grow old with age,

I pray our love to grow more tremendously till forever.

Happy anniversary my dear!


33. Among billions of people, my eyes will always locate you,

Knowing you are near, gives me solace.

Happy anniversary my dear!


34. Our anniversary is just a fleeting commemoration,

But our marriage is a timeless celebration.

Happy anniversary my dear!


35. Whenever that I picture myself happy,

I see you with me,

Thank you for being my happiness.

Happy anniversary my dear!


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36. Thanks for sticking with me,

Thanks for being my side,

I will cherish you forever.

Happy anniversary my dear!


37. Thanks to you my dear,

My future is brighter,

My horizon broader,

And life is much sweeter.

Happy anniversary my dear!


38. Happy anniversary to my favorite person,

Thanks to you, this year was so great and perfect,

Let’s explore what’s in store for us.

Happy anniversary my dear!


39. May our lives be filled with adventure,

And our love be never-ending,

Always and forever,

Happy anniversary my dear!


40. Falling in love; this is easy,

But staying in love is something different,

Against all odds, we did it.

Happy anniversary my love!


41. I know every love story is special,

I know every love story is unique and beautiful,

I know ours is my favorite.

Happy anniversary my dear!


42. You are my best friend,

You are my lover,

You are my soul mate,

I’m happy to call my boyfriend.

Happy anniversary!


43. I will always love you

Even when you’re old and wrinkly,

I will keep on loving you,

Happy anniversary my dear!


44. I believe in fate,

For it led me to you,

I love you,

Happy anniversary love!


45. “I cherish you not only for what or who you are but for what and who I am when you are with me,

I cherish you not only for what you’ve made of yourself but for the person you are making of me,

I love you, my heart.

Happy anniversary!


46. It’s a celebration of love,

Of trust and partnership,

Endurance and bliss,

Happy anniversary my dear!


47. I want to love you,

Adore you and take care of you.

And make you the happiest person forever.

Happy anniversary my love!


48. I pray we both hold your hands together,

Till your last breath of life,

I pray for long life.

Happy anniversary my dear!


49. It’s a time to celebrate the joys of today,

The memories of yesterday,

And the hopes of tomorrow,

Happy anniversary my dear!


50. Thanks for being tolerant of me for another year,

Happy anniversary to us!


51. Having been with you for so long, you’ve given me so many purposes

One that is full of significance and bliss.

Happy anniversary my dear!


52. Chains do not hold us together,

It is threads which sew us together through the years.

Happy anniversary my dear!


53. Here is to many more wonderful memories together,

Here’s to many more adventures together,

Here’s to more years together.

Happy anniversary my dear!


54. I will always want,

Even when I’m too old to remember what I want,

I will always want you.

Happy anniversary my dear!


55. If I have a reason to live my life over and over again,

I would ensure I locate you earlier so that I could love you longer.

Happy anniversary to us!


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56. Some said we couldn’t last this long,

Proved them wrong, didn’t we?

Happy anniversary to us!


57. One year down, Forever to go,

Happy anniversary to us!


58. You are a one of a kind,

A rare treasure,

I am so lucky to have found you.

Happy anniversary to us!


59. You are the most adorable person I have ever known,

Inside and out,

Even that is an understatement.

Happy anniversary my dear!


60. You whispered into my heart,

You kissed my soul,

I love you.

Happy anniversary my love!


61. As we get older,

Things will change,

But you remain the constant in my life.

Happy anniversary my love!


62. Right this second,

I never cherished your love any more than I do,

And I’ll never cherish your love you any less than I do.

Happy anniversary my love!


63. I do not fall in love with you because I need you,

I need you because I love you.

Happy anniversary my love!


64. Because of you,

I’m better than I was,

I’m more than I am.

Happy anniversary my love!


65. Meeting you was coincidence,

Falling in love with you is fate,

I love you, my darling.

Happy anniversary my love!


66. Life is a journey,

Thanks for making this journey worthwhile,

Happy anniversary my love!


67. You are my sincere love,

My true friend,

Happy anniversary my love!


68. I loved you yesterday,

I love you today,

And I will love you tomorrow,


Happy anniversary my love!


69. You were my yesterday,

You are my today,

Please be all of my tomorrows.

Happy anniversary my love!


70. God put us together,

I knew this from the first time we met,

I knew we were meant to be together.

Happy anniversary my love!


71. Whatever our souls are made of,

Yours and mine are the same,

You are my other half.

Happy anniversary my love!


72. In all the world,

There is no heart for me like yours,

And there is no heart for you like mine.

Happy anniversary my dear!


73. Forever is for an ordinary love,

Our extraordinary love is immeasurable,

Forever isn’t enough.

Happy anniversary my dear!


I hope these cute anniversary messages offer you the inspiration needed to get your heartwarming message on your Facebook status.

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